1. How did you get involved in Israel education?
I got involved in Israel Education two years ago to address the strong anti-Israel bias that i was seeing in my job as a high school teacher. The ultimate catalyst for me was seeing that the strongest voices attacking Israel were coming from uninformed Jewish teachers and students. I felt that the way Israel was being portrayed was a real injustice for both Israel and Judaism. The vast majority of the time there was a hyper anti-Israel focus in the media that was unjustly one sided. I believe as a teacher that this approach robs students of their ability to make an informed free willed decision on the issues.

2. How has the digital age effected Israel education?
For one it has affected how I teach. There is so much multimedia available and the world has become a much different place with the explosion of social media and communication technology. Events can be recorded with a phone, posted on YouTube and sent to millions around the globe in minutes. So education has in many respects become more 'live' rather than history. This means as a teacher you have to be much more in touch with daily events because things can happen in the blink of an eye. Students can come into class to ask me about something that happened just minutes before.

3. What are you most looking forward to at YouthCon?
I was raised in a secular Jewish home and wasn't really connected to Israel and Judaism even though I went to a Jewish day school up to Grade 8. I didn't really make an informed decision when I distanced myself from Judaism. What I look forward to at YouthCon is to have an opportunity to share with others why I think Israel, as complicated as it is, is a place Jews can take pride in.


Richard Bass, a high school teacher with 30 years experience in education and training has designed an Israel Education curriculum to combat the global anti-Israel campaign in the media, education, politics and beyond. The modular curriculum, created by a teacher for teachers is designed for use in formal accredited high school and college courses and informal settings such as Jewish Student Unions (JSUs), camps and synagogues. A former U.S. college football coach and professional golfer, Richard and his wife Ellie have two children.


I thoroughly enjoyed this blog and created a Weebly account too.


Richard Bass's aim as a teacher of law and philosophy is to teach educators and students to not just learn, but think.


Has the digital age changed the ethics of journalism?

Skin mole,

Yes, the digital age changed the ethics of journalism and it can be good or bad depending on the choices we make. Just like money, or TV, or even the Internet. Some people say they are evil especially the first one. But, that depends on who's using it and for what (or whom), right? Every technology we have today can be of great advantage. But, if used wrongly or can fall to wrong hands, it will be surely dangerous.

This article is good and it is a very good system for education but it has to be more organized and had to take more subjects any way i am really happy for this education system.

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Some people really very prejudicial, I must say. So, if a person is from Israel, does that mean that he is different from anybody else? People should better remind themselves that the color of a person is not necessarily the color of his soul. We should all be open-minded to everything that we see, hear and even feel.

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As a football coach, this man is already an educator! I've seen him once up-close and personal when I got to visit my friend playing golf one day and Richard Bass was in the house...well, out there in the field. We go to listen to one of his "sermonettes" and he's really a nice guy!


Because I was so curious to learn all about this man, I just read through your post and have found out a lot of great things about Richard Bass. You see, I met this guy once during a victory party of my son's football team and he was one of the invited guests. If ever my son will have a chance to be coached by this man, I will never refuse!


It's really ironic that the strongest voice of anti-Israel, as what you have put it, came from Jewish teachers and students. Thankfully, you were there to correct them out. I guess it's also the same with other races. There are Indians who despise India and Filipinos hate Philippines and so on. But, British love India and Americans or French love the Philippines. Is it human nature? I don't know.

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