1. What is the goal of YouthCon?
    The goal of YouthCon is to get everyone in the same room to continue a conversation about informal Jewish education. No matter what organization, school, shul or youth group you belong to, there will be something for you to learn and gain at YouthCon. 

2. Has YouthCon changed since last year? 

Based on the feedback we received last year, we changed the format. We understood that people gained the most from networking so we’ve made the schedule far more fluid. We have 15-minute multi-media sessions so people have the opportunity to hear more speakers and meet with their fellow educators. This year we’ll also have a Service Center where one-on-one mentoring will be available. The Service Center will also be offering practical tips on how to maximize your website and improve your presence on social media networks. 
Personally, I’m really excited about Sparks, which is our version of TED Talks. Speakers will have six-minutes to give over the newest and most innovative ideas in Jewish education. 

3. What at you most looking forward to at YouthCon? 
I’m most looking forward to the the energy in the room. The excitement of walking in and finding 500-like-minded people in the same room that are going to have meaningful and thought-provoking conversations. 
Rina Emerson is the director of YouthCon and the Assistant Director of Institutional Advancement for the Orthodox Union.  For any questions about YouthCon contact Rina at emersonr@ou.org


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